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The Pirate

The Pirate
241 A pirate washed upon the shore,
bedraggled, sore, and drenched,
so weak he couldn’t lift an arm
as crabs pinched at his flesh.
245 One day ago he was a king.
Men feared him ‘cross the sea –
a pirate known as much for pride
as for his endless greed.
That man had captured twenty ships.
250 He’d never known defeat.
At ports the singers knew his name;
at court they rued his deeds.
And then one day he glimpsed a craft
through his old telescope,
255 He could have fled or just stayed still.
He didn’t have to row.
This tory ship was on his turf,
he couldn’t lose control,
then no one would respect his name.
260 There’d be no stories told.
So onward rowed his pirate ship
against the tranquil sea.
Attack! Attack! Blow all the horns!
“Now gather arms ‘round me!
265 My name is Eric Gunderson.
The battles I have won
have made me rich beyond compare!
Now rich you will become!”
His men cheered loudly at his brag.
270 They rallied to his call,
and armed from toe to belt to teeth
stood ready for the brawl.
The distance ‘tween the barges shrank.
Both captains loaded guns.
275 At once the world falls deathly still.
Then silence comes undone!
The screams of dying men float up
amidst the blinding smoke.
The ocean roars as waves assail
280 the desperate tussling boats.
And time moves quick, yet stands so still
as sailors drown and die,
but soon the battle starts to turn.
A victor starts to rise.
285 It’s Eric, once again on top!
He claims his twenty-first!
He watches as his prize sinks down,
and booty is submersed.
His crew watch, too, with avarice,
290 they think about that gold –
So wet, and far below the sea…
And all of them turn bold.
So captain lies upon a beach
alone, and scarce alive.
295 He failed to steal the promised wealth,
and thus he took a dive.
Now Eric wakes, and looks about.
He smiles at his state.
That’s twenty-one, and he survived!
300 So doomed, but oh so great!

Pirate Ship off Kent

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