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The Brewer

The Brewer
181 A brewer spends about a month
perfecting his beer thoughts.
A recipe to please the mass –
it’s all he’s ever sought!
185 Dark beers are just enjoyed by few;
the light ones have no taste;
no, amber is the trendy choice,
so amber’s what he’ll make.
The maltiest of tasty beers
190 has two-row as its base.
He’ll color it with Munich grains
and car’mel, just a trace!
To bitter he’ll use hallertau,
then secret hops he’s grown
195 will add aroma to his drink
and make the beer his own.
And yeast! He can’t forget the yeast,
his magic little friends.
A hundred billion hungry lives
200 will dine in great suspense.
On brewing day he buys supplies.
He outlines his grand plan.
He weighs out grains, turns on the heat,
and washes tools by hand.
205 He steeps the specialty malt bill
in his five-gallon pot –
one hundred fifty-two degrees
for twenty minutes clocked.
The two-row extract measured out
210 will make the wort grow thick.
Now stir in the fermentables
until they’re nice and mixed.
To bitter his progressing beer
the first hops now are due.
215 The others are for flavoring
his wonderful craft brew.
When sixty minutes finally pass
the boil will be done.
Then rapid cooling must take place
220 lest an infection comes.
The last step that the brewer takes
will be to pitch the yeast.
The starving little creatures dive
into their mighty feast.
225 Two weeks go by in perfect heat;
degrees are well maintained.
The airlock lets some bubbles through
as C-O-2 escapes.
Then bott’ling day arrives in haste,
230 and carbonation starts.
The amber ale will be sublime –
a sum of all its parts.
On tasting day he cannot wait!
He opens one with skill.
235 He takes a tentative test sip
and spits out horrid swill.
The taste is off, the flavor sour.
The yeast had made it gross!
A man controls so many things,
240 but life acts on its own.
The homebrew that inspired it all :-)

The homebrew that inspired it all 🙂

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