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The Fisher

The Fisher
661 Out on Ventura’s wooden pier,
The fisher cast his line.
The bait of squid, both pale and clear
Reflected sun’s first shine.
665 Some silent groups of grizzled men
In old and tattered hoods
Had rods stacked neatly in their rows
To catch more if they could.
So nothing was unusual
670 For fisher on that day.
He fit right in, just indistinct,
A smelly, coffeed stray.
But maybe that squid had a fate
Submersed beneath the sea,
675 For as it hit the water’s foam
Out jumped an enemy!
It rose! Its body, twelve feet long,
So huge, it seemed so near.
Its dorsal fin arced through the air
680 Then crash! It disappeared.
“Did you see that?!” The fisher screamed,
And broke the silent pact.
And though the group looked down on noise
A couple came to chat.
685 The fisher said just what he’d seen.
His line was taut as hell.
And though the others had their doubts,
They stayed and were compelled.
The fisher fought as the crowd grew,
690 For tourists heard and came.
A throng of forty intrigued fans
Propelled the stray to fame.
An hour passed, the burden grew.
The fisher dripped with sweat.
695 He doffed his jacket, then his shirt.
His arms were gleaming wet.
And then they saw the trophy fish,
A great white shark in flesh.
It surfaced with its giant nose
700 And puffed its fishy breast.
The shark resisted with great force.
The fisher strained and moaned.
All other fishers cut their lines;
The pier was his alone.
705 At first it led him ‘round the pier,
But soon, and as it fought,
It zig-zagged ‘tween the pylon trunks
And tangled up a knot.
The monster was so very stout,
710 And now the line was caught.
An hours-long grand spectacle
Had finally been lost.
The fisher cut his storied line.
The shark then swam away.
715 The crowd stood staring at the fish
Escaping from the fray.
Some fishing stories don’t seem real,
For men embellish tales.
But that day there were witnesses
720 Who saw him catch a whale.

Photo by Randy from Newbury Park, California, USA – The Early Man Catches the FishUploaded by PDTillman, CC BY 2.0, Link

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