The Ballad of Man is a poetry project that I’ve undertaken. On this site, you will find the text of one epic ballad, which is comprised of a series of smaller stories. Think The Canterbury Tales or The Decameron.

The project will eventually contain 165 60-line ballads about 165 unique men. Each poem contains the exact same number of lines and syllables, and each poem has the same meter. The idea behind the “sameness” of each poem is that all men are created equally, but all men nonetheless have far-reaching, unique stories to tell. Why I chose 165 poems as my goal is yet to be revealed. 🙂

On the site, the poems can be found in “The Poems” link.

Lastly, since this is a literary project, I’m claiming my copyright (of course!). If you want to reproduce any of this somewhere, please contact me at balladofman@gmail.com. And feel free to use that email address to contact me about anything else regarding the project, as well!

Thank you for reading the poem and helping motivate me to finish the project,

Alex Longstreth


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